So as to set the basis for deep-rooted success of technology driven governance, e-governance offerings from Qutiq is directed towards upgrading public administration services and operations underlying the e-Governance Plan.We work towards providing end-to-end innovative automated solutions to different government agencies including municipality corporations and government local bodies which helps them to become more well-structured and attainable.

The fundamental and overarching goal of Qutiq is to provide support to the various stakeholders of e-governance in devising, formulating, executing, accomplishing and systematically reviewing the software services provided as a part of the programs.

We have a global presence in 5 countries with potent exposure in Banking, Textile, Mining, Construction, Sea Prots, Airports, Hospitality, Education industries to name a few offering a range of utilities including:

Mobile and Web based e-governance solutions

Education Management model for e-Governance

Turnkey Project Assistance

Product Training & Knowledge Base

Performance Tracking & Change Management Solutions