HRM is an all-inclusive people management platform that lets businesses collate their employee and organizational data so as to streamline all HR process at one place. Its web-based easy to use HR software makes it easily accessible from any corner of the world. Our HRM solution automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with managing all employee related information, aids organization in data base building and decreases time to manage leave or conduct HR activities like payroll management, onboarding, offboarding during recruitment and many more.


With our HIRE suite of solutions, you can reduce the time behind hiring and use it to enhance productivity of your employees. We cater towards providing personalized candidate experience by leveraging complimentary modules of Recruitment and Applicant Tracking System that streamlines processes ranging from hiring to job requisition approval through to offer acceptance.

From building great pre-boarding experiences employee on-boarding, our onboarding solutions not only eliminate paperwork but also brush up employee experience and productivity from the very start. Our centralized on boarding system enables organizations to configure the on boarding process & work flows alongside tracking of due dates, documents and courses, sending consistent email reminders and create reports on key organizational metrics.


We offer Core HR services that is used to manage basic information of the candidate that enables to create satisfactory experiences for pre-boarding and employee onboarding processes.

So as to produce valuable ideas on HR processes, we offer Bizillion, which is our Polls and Survey Tool to gain real time analysis on employee data and serves to provide prompt answer to queries related to employee benefit, a company practice or any human resource policy concern.

We focus on human capital effortless task management for HR teams by simplifying the management of people operations thereby creating a clear picture of your talent pipeline. It allows to manage, assign and create task with total flexibility in a straight-forward tool.

With our Employee Self Service capabilities, we help employees to take ownership to view/update your personal information at any point of time and enhance employee satisfaction.


Our Payroll solutions cater to tracking everything from attendance to leave management to handling payroll. We provide AI based attendance management system powered by simple to use leave management engine such that you can assign leaves as per your organization policy and improve transparency.

We help you tackle multiple considerations in a single stroke and eradicate busy work that comes with tedious employee follow ups and regulation of employee leaves. This makes it easier to carry forward last year leaves and let your employee know leave balance.

We also facilitate Artificial Intelligence based Payroll processing engine that lets you tackle all aspects of the payroll process that include managing the computation, disbursement, and reporting of employees’ salaries efficiently and accurately.


We bring intellect to your recruiting practices to maximize your hiring and onboarding success with our Talent Development Solutions. With our Learning Management Tools, we provide documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of courses and learning and development programs

With our Course Builder, we enable users to create learning courses that includes course creation, co-authoring, user management and customer success management. The course content can be created using templated from the scratch

We also provide Course Library with premade lessons for varied industries from safety to workplace ethics to sales.

We enable the candidate to enroll for Examination & Certification to test their Knowledge and help HR to reshape employees' work experience around projects to enhance their expertise.


We make use of Performance Management techniques to aid you in discarding opposing performance reviews that obstruct employee’s forward growth and hamper business progression by rating your employees. We strive to create employee centered execution platform that is built to create a positive work culture within a talented pool.

Our Awards & Recognition strategy creates an impulse towards increasing engagement and empowering businesses to drive meaningful changes in culture, the employee experience, and bottom-line business metrics.

Succession Management system enable us to monitor businesses daily KPI’s and map them against employee performance which ensures that pools of skilled employees are trained and available to meet the strategic objectives of the organization.


We enable you to conduct Exit Interviews to manage the arrangements, set of questions, and further examination related to an employee's final interview before leaving the organization.

We also manage Exit Certificates that forms an integral part of the employment relationship that mentions detailed description of the employee’s curriculum while working in the company along with different positions held along with assessment of the departing employee’s performance.

With our Future Talent Pool, we allow organizations to nurture and develop employees in areas that align with company competencies and address the biggest challenge with succession planning with effective communication within the groups.

Training, Travel , Task & Reporting

Manage you training , travel desk and task system in one centralized HR Solution.