At Qutiq, we’re dedicated to direct top-notch quality of standards that drives excellence within our industries. We cater to industries that span Mining, Construction, Sea Prots, Airports, Hospitality, Hospitals, Education institution, Banking, Textile, Garments and many more. We discover opportunities in software development and achieve results with top of the line solutions for business partners.


Data breach has a great impact on customers trust, bank’s revenue and brand reputation. Our software solutions carefully assess security threats and conduct sound fraud protection...


Operations in the textile industry range from procurement of the raw materials to manufacturing and designing of the products to its final distribution to end users. QTEX, an ERP software for textile industry


As mining companies begin growing and opening new mines, they tend to deal with a new level of operational management challenges so as to channelize ‘mines to market’ chain.


With high speed expansion in buildings and infrastructure projects that are becoming bigger and more complex, comprehensive management of construction businesses is a big challenge.

Sea Ports

Transportation of goods between different location for bulk shipping and transport is very crucial for Shipping Industry. Our ERP software can manage


With greater level of affordability that many can avail, it has become important for commercial air carriers to streamline their process to provide


To maintain all the transactions due to large volume business happening on daily basis, our software solutions solving different parts of a hotelier’s day to


We help in Building an efficient educational institution infrastructure that not only improves student-teacher communication but also shape students'