QEMS is an easy to use software solution that comes with user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel. It comprises different modules that enable smooth functioning of all the institutional processes. From managing timetable to keeping a track of Attendance, Examinations, Gradebooks, School Calendar, Events, Hostel, Library, Transportation, it is equipped with fully-fledged HR module that helps payroll and employee pay slips management.


As your institution expands, tracking fee payments and maintaining accounts that involves maintenance of Income and Expenses may become a serious overhead. Establish a detailed accounting system to monitor cashflow effectively.

QEMS enables you to set up a secure, comprehensive, and robust Finance and HRM module that automates your school administration and provides a fast and efficient way to register financial transactions alongside streamlining core processes of paperless administration transactions, and generate financial reports that will help you gain monetary insights on managing costs and expenditures of your institution.

Efficiently manage institution's inventory, collect and track Hostel fees, and generate comprehensive reports that will help keep you on top of crucial hostel administrative activities, library management, gradings system, id card preparation and secure timely online payments.

Effectively track entire transportation operation and management of employee privileges depending on the role by the administrators.


Empower academic institutions of diverse sizes and varied operations to focus on delivering high-quality education by tracking disciplinary incidents to ensure student accountability. Use filters to easily search and access both current and archived Student records. Generate student Examinations reports, schedule and manage examinations seamlessly. Make use of customized admission forms and enable quick Applicants Registrations.

With QEMS, marking attendance and tracking student attendees can be done quickly so as to enable teachers to focus on the lesson at hand. It also enables effortless configuration of Batch-wise Summary and manage multiple courses and batches according to your institution's systems and process. Create error free timetables and track Library operations Integrated with barcode scanning functionality. Our Automatic Timetable Generator Removes the hassle timetable generation by assigning various rules for timetable generation.


Creation of an educational community for each of its stakeholders/users who can constructively communicate with each other in a snap has never been easier. QEMS empowers students, teachers, and other employees to create and publish blog posts on any topic and help share their story with everyone.

It includes features typically found in Blogs such as searching for old entries, commenting, comment moderation, and many more. It aims at generating responsive interaction to ensure better interaction between students, teachers, parents & organization management. Assign and track Tasks, seamless Gallery Upload experience by sharing and organizing photos within peers conduct Discussions and post messages and replies within community.


QEMS enables Custom Imports of data that helps you to upload any data pertaining to Student information, Guardian details, Examination scores, attendance records using filters. This helps you ease the hassle of performing manual task that requires uploading inventory details like store items, suppliers, employee payroll details, etc. and save yourself much time and effort performing common data entry tasks.

Ensure Data Management by the creation of customized forms to store information, Convenient data backup with Data Exports, audit, monitor and track user activities and Generate various Reports related to students, employees, courses, and fee schedules


With Email Integration services, QEMS helps you to customize your email settings to communicate more efficiently with employees, students, and parents. Set automatic email alerts to be sent when admitting students and employees, publishing exam schedules and exam results, nearing fees due dates, and many more.

Stay up to date with the automated notification and alerts via personalized email and SMS campaigns, automatic reminders, and mass distributions. Leverage inbuilt messaging system for quick and easy communication within the internal network while at the same time Spreading the News and keep all your employees updated with the latest happenings. To ensures smooth and consistent communication between students, teachers and parents, create events & color-coded Calendar updated.


With API integrations, QEMS facilitates easy transfer of all the finance transactions from QEMS to Tally which ensure collaboration. It simplifies complex day to day activities associated with accounts and finance management and planning. Accounting task such as accounts receivable and payable, records management and bank reconciliation are made simple through Tally Integration

Educational Institutions can continue using Tally to manage their financial transactions. With Google SSOSecure, it enables seamless access to your QEMS account using Google credentials. Easily maps transactions and school fee transfer in a single click.


Simplified yet beautifully designed live dashboards for each user role featuring customizable 'dashlets' that allows quick access to your favorite and most important information, and an innovative search bar with 'Action Search' functionality. Make use of Color Theme and add some colors from the color palette that best suits your institution.

Besides access to all the various academic modules, dashboards provide structured information that is updated systematically for regular tasks and supply overall control on the different features of the whole system. QEMS is also available in mobile version. Easy Integration with third-party applications and extend the functionality of QEMS with its API access. Create customized computer-based testing for online exams with a rich set of question types that lets students access results immediately.