With almost 11+ years of experience, Qutiq functions as a world-class software solutions and digital services provider that transforms complex business processes into simplified systems that maximize revenue, automate the error-prone processes with our expectational business process automation systems.

We help you scale as your business grows by building software applications like QHRM, QEMS & QTEX. As we’ve worked with customers with a global presence in 5 countries, our specialized work force consisting of 500+ technocrats have mastered workflow and business process issues and our business and software have evolved.

Our human capital is highly proficient and use innovative techniques and strategies at every step in the software development to ensure tremendous business success. Today our solutions are used by millions of users globally and we continue to enrich customer experience with continuous refinement.

With our simple suit of applications in Education Management, we provide thorough institutional services specialized in education technology to enable a better learning system. We also manage fluctuating global demand and dynamic nature of the business processes with our ERP systems used for industries including Textile, Garments, Hospitals, Gold Mines, Sea port, Airports, Microfinance, Airlines, Cement industry.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to build long term relationship with our clients, stakeholders and users through a combination of revolutionary, economical, high-grade software solutions and services. We seek to provide reliable software services through innovative use of cutting-edge technology and resources that can make valuable contributions to client business, create differentiators for them leading to continued success. We ensure that our robust services enable our partners to have optimum utilization of their resources and able to understand and respond to ever changing needs of their customers effectively.

  • Our Vision

    We strive to dedicate ourselves to the root cause of building preeminent services and leading-edge technologies to provide excellent software development solutions. With the passion to be acknowledged as a leader and the most preferred partner as a major IT service provider in Indonesia by 2025, we wish to add 1000 happy customers by the end of 2020 by providing quality business automation solutions in the competitive marketplace.

  • Our Valuse

    We have been growing successfully with a global presence and our continuous growth is indicative of our company working with moral values like innovative thinking, business ethics, principals, strategies, well timed deliverables, zeal, enthusiasm and a focused plan of action.